Recosine Group was founded in Hong Kong in 1997. A sister company, Recosine Industrial was formed in 2004 to create interior designs and supply decorative materials plus provide installation services for residential and hospitality projects in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Recosine International specializes in the medical supply industry. We supply a large range of medical equipment and protective items to major hospitals in Europe and Africa

In February 2020, at the request of existing clients we commenced the supply of

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to hospitals, clinics, schools and companies worldwide to assist them in getting through the pandemic period.

Our product range includes:

· KN 95 Disposable Civilian Protective Masks

· 3 Ply protective Mask

· Disposable medical masks

· Protective face shields

· Protective Goggle

· Examination gloves

· Disposable Protective Gown&Clothing

· IgG/IgM Antibody Rapid Test

· Infrared thermometer

· Medical ventilators

The sourcing skills and international shipping knowledge gained in the last 23 years by the group mean that Recosine International can be trusted to source exactly the medical supplies and PPE you require - at competitive prices from certified manufacturers and to supply to you in an efficient manner.

Our staff are all multilingual, with English and French being the dominant second languages. Our office is located in the middle of the major manufacturing district of Shenzhen affording us ease of access to major PPE suppliers. We only source from experienced, accredited suppliers to ensure your needs are fully satisfied.